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Company Profile

Founded in 1996, OASIS commitment is to provide Quality implementations to our customers at Reasonable costs.
In a highly competitive industry, we recognize that it's our reputation, the attitude of our team, and the quality of our work that determines whether or not customers will decide to work with us — and stay with us. No matter how big or small a project is, it will be delivered with the highest quality. Our attitude in providing management consulting services is to do whatever it takes to help our customers succeed in their projects, to make their operations as efficient and cost-effective as possible.

Our certified professional SAP team of information technology consultants are continuously developed to possess profound skills and knowledge of SAP systems and its modules, as well as in-depth experiences in many business areas, to ensure that we can thoroughly understand our customers' operational processes and thus be able to bring out the best solution to suit their business needs.

Over the past two decades, OASIS team has worked extensively in several business areas such as Food & Beverage, Consumer Goods, Pharmacetical, Paint, Chemical, Retails, Transportation & Logistics, as well as Automotive manufacturings. As an effective SAP partner, OASIS will help you bring the maximum value from your investment, keep pace with new SAP technologies, and provide expertise you need to keep your systems operating at excellent performance.

"OASIS — Consistent with Values and Quality"

Our Mission & Commitment

To ensure our customers' success by providing them with the best solution, excellent quality of services, and lasting relationships.

Our Customers

continuously providing services and maintaining relationships with our customers.

Professional Teamwork

developing and maintaining highly-skilled team of professional consultants with vast experiences for high quality services

Project Partnership

achieving same goals and objectives together

Dedication to Project Success

providing the best solution derived and delivering with excellence

Maximize Business Value

with the best supporting services you can trust.

Our Services

OASIS offers a complete set of services that help you accelerate productivity, mitigate risks, and transform your business with targeted investments toward growth, optimized efficiency and predictable total cost of ownership to achieve sustainable results.

Implementation & Consultancy

Our implementation services are based on the agreed scope of work, gather detailed..
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Maintenance & Support

We take care of all your maintenance activities as well as solving any issues that may arise so..
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System Integration

As the one-stop service for IT solutions, we are committed to provide a wide variety of products..
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Optimized Training

To build up your new users or IT staffs on SAP needs, we can provide on-site SAP customized trainings..
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What is SAP?

SAP stands for Systems, Applications, and Products in Data Processing (Anwendungen und Produkte in der Datenverarbeitung in German). SAP was founded in 1972 in Walldorf, Germany and now has offices around the world.

Originally known for leadership in enterprise resource planning (ERP) software, SAP has evolved to become a market leader in end-to-end enterprise application software, database, analytics, intelligent technologies, and experience management. A top cloud company with 200 million users worldwide, SAP helps businesses of all sizes and in all industries to operate profitably, adapt continuously, and achieve their purpose.

Our Customers

We have successfully provided and implemented SAP solutions to various clients in different industry sectors,
and these are some areas we have been specialized in.


Companies operating in the chemicals industry are required to comply with stringent guidelines and regulations, which are...
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Continue to grow your customer base and drive ever increasing profits by leveraging a single, real time platform that is optimised for the retail...
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As manufacturing becomes more competitive, organizations must innovate how they deliver value to their customer. Maintaining a competitive...
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Client's Success Stories

สปสช. พัฒนาระบบ ERP เพื่อสร้างความเชื่อมั่นบริการประชาชน

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ก้าวหน้าไปกับ สมบูรณ์ แอดวานซ์ เทคโนโลยี

หลายองค์กรธุรกิจที่มีความคิดจะนำระบบไอทีโดยเฉพาะ ERP มาใช้งานภายในองค์กร เพื่อเสริมประสิทธิภาพให้การทำงาน..
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SAP ระบบบริหารหลังบ้าน เสริมแกร่ง S.B. Furniture

หลายปีมาแล้วในยุคฟองสบู่แตก ธุรกิจในหลากหลายภาคส่วนของประเทศไทย ต่างชะลอการลงทุน เพื่อดูแนวโน้มและทิศทางเศรษฐ..
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ถ้าพูดถึงหน่วยงานขนาดใหญ่ของภาครัฐที่มีปัจจัยสำคัญต่อการค้าและการขนส่ง ต้องยอมรับว่าจะขาดการท่าเรือแห่งประเทศ..
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ใครที่เป็นแฟนหนังสือตัวยง คงคุ้นเคยกันดีกับร้านหนังสือชื่อไทยๆ เป็นเอกลักษณ์อย่าง "ร้านนายอินทร์"..
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Our Activities


บริษัท โอเอซิส คอนซัลติ้ง จำกัด ได้จัดทำโครงการ..

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สนับสนุนโครงการศึกษาวิจัยและพัฒนาสิ่งแวดล้อมแหลมผักเบี้ย อ.บ้านแหลม จ.เพชรบุรี

บริษัท โอเอซิส คอนซัลติ้ง จำกัด ได้จัดทำโครงการ..
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ศูนย์ส่งเสริมและพัฒนาอาชีพคนตาบอดพิการซ้ำซ้อน นครนายก..
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ศูนย์อนุรักษ์ป่าชายเลน ต.คลองโคน อ.เมือง จ.สมุทรสงคราม..
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โรงเรียนวัดเขากลิ้ง (รุ่งเจริญธรรม) ต.ท่าเคย อ.สวนผึ้ง จ.ราชบุรี..
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โรงเรียนวัดหนองชันจันทราราม อ.บ้านบึง จ.ราชบุรี..
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Join Our Team

Here at OASIS, we collaborate our expertise in different positions, to achieve the same goal as one team.
For further enquiries, please contact

SAP Application Consultant

Experienced SAP Consultants with functional experiences in either Financial & Controlling module, Material Management & Logistics module, or Human Resource Management module for SAP implementations.

SAP ABAP Consultant

Technical consultant excelled in developing customized programmes and enhancing system programmes.

SAP BASIS Consultant

Technical consultant specialized in hardware infrastructure and system control